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  • Magdalena Maggi

Customer journey, what is it and why is it important for your business?

Have you ever wondered how customers come to the decision to buy your products or services? To turn your ideal customer into a loyal consumer who returns repeatedly and also recommends your brand, it is not enough to just provide a good experience at the moment of purchase. It is necessary to pay attention to their behavior both before and after the purchase.

This monitoring is known as the Customer Journey, which describes the process that a customer follows from identifying a need to becoming loyal to the brand, clearly passing through the moment of purchase. It is a long and complex process that consists of several stages, and if you want to succeed in your business, it is important to understand and integrate it into your marketing strategy to provide a satisfying experience to customers in each phase of the journey.

In the first instance, this process consists of at least 5 stages, which can increase depending on the needs of each brand. In this article, we will tell you what the basic stages are that your brand should have to have good control of the customer journey. Remember that you should always adapt them to the particular requirements of your business to make it an effective process.

Stage of awareness

In this first phase, the customer identifies that they have a need. They do not yet know how to cover it, so they will begin to research the topic.

For this stage, it is essential to have relevant information or content that guides the consumer to make a decision, whether through online advertising, blog articles that talk about that requirement that your business satisfies, a good presence on social media, or the use of email marketing to create awareness about your brand within the target audience.

Consideration stage

Once the consumer has received sufficient incentives from the market, which have helped them identify and specify their need, they must now choose the option that is most beneficial to them. They will read reviews, seek recommendations from other users, or request advice.

So here you come in again, but how can you help them decide on your brand?

Become a help and source of information. One of the current consumer trends is the feeling of confidence towards the brand when making a decision. Having a frequently asked questions section, a chat, and/or a friendly and easy-to-understand website could be excellent strategies.

Be the one who provides all the help and information your customer needs.

Purchase stage

You have fulfilled a fundamental part of your goal. The consumer has decided on you!

To not lose the purchase, it is important that the payment portal is secure, friendly, convenient, and fast.

Retention or post-sale stage

This does not end here. It is not enough to have one more sale in favor of your company. If you do not have a good post-sale strategy to follow up, answer questions or resolve problems, a new purchase will not be of much use if your goal is to retain your audience.

Take care of your customer's satisfaction! Post-sale communication channels where they can express their opinion will be fundamental to improving the sales strategy.

Recommendation stage

After having loyal customers, a key stage for the expansion and growth of the brand begins, since in addition to repeating the purchase, the customer will recommend the business and become an organic promoter of your business.

Loyal customers recommend by word of mouth, share your products on social media, and even leave reviews online, which will be positive for when potential new customers start their own customer journey from scratch.

In summary, the customer journey brings benefits to both your customer and your business since a good marketing and sales strategy retains the audience and helps spread the word about your business.

Remember that to achieve success, it is essential to review the strategy of each of the phases, improve them, and make the user experience increasingly satisfactory for your customers.

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