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  • Magdalena Maggi

Artificial Intelligence in content creation: complement or competition?

It is not news that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has raised doubts, for those who are not familiar with it, about to what extent the use of emerging technologies would be able to replace human creativity when performing certain tasks.

Within digital marketing, and specifically in content creation, this trend that is growing more and more forces us to rethink the way we relate to AI. Is it a competition for creative teams or can we work with it to create content effectively and efficiently?

Facing the speed that social media demands from us, finding good digital allies can be a useful strategy to create, diversify or improve our content, since so far, I do not know anyone who has not run out of ideas at some point. If we want to give a new perspective on a topic, enhance an idea, or refine technical issues such as spelling or grammar in case of text creation, AI is an excellent ally. However, conveying the essence and personality of your brand will always (or until the tools are 100% perfect) require some type of human creative intervention.

Can you imagine if every Instagram post or internet blog was a constant paraphrase? No content would stand out enough, and as it is known, making a positive impact on the internet is key to the success of an online brand's development.

But it is not enough just to use the platforms, as to have an optimal result it is necessary to "train" them. If we continue with the case of text creation, it is convenient to be as clear as possible in our request and provide data that serves to obtain a text as close as possible to the style you use with your target audience; they can be keywords or some content idea that has already worked. You can "play" or "combine" the versions that AI provides you with, adding that touch of creativity and human style.

There are a bunch of AI platforms to discover; however, here are some of my favorite pages for content creation with AI:

  • ChatGPT: This is undoubtedly my favorite, this chatbot is not only a great help for writing but also provides information and data on multiple topics, being of great use for creating all kinds of content.

  • Synthesia: This application allows you to create videos with artificial people, reproducing sounds from texts, saving resources on speakers, cameras, and recording studios.

  • Copy.ia: Also very useful for text creation, one of its features that stands out is that it has an online editor section, where you can write without leaving the page.

  • Grammarly: Corrects your texts without losing the style of the required content type (essay, post, caption, etc.), as well as grammar and spelling.

One of the novelties that 2023 brings, and for which there is much anticipation, is the upcoming launch of Google's new chatbot that would be the main competitor of the currently most popular ChatGPT.

In conclusion, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is changing the way online content is created. From Chatbots to content generation tools, Artificial Intelligence can help us save time and efforts; however, it is important to remember that human creativity remains essential for creating unique and high-quality content.


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