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Iterative Platform for Experimentation and Research

With our tools and analysis, we can reach the target audience online and understand (without direct questions) if the consumer is interested in a certain product and/or service and cross information to understand which ones have the most market potential.

We are experts in the econometric model for estimating future sales in a given period. This projection allows us to know the amount of investment and ROI for the following days, weeks, months or years of products and services already existing or not.

Business Models and Demand Projection

Social Listening and Trend Analysis

With our tools we constantly monitor the interest of consumers: what they look for, say and do. Social Listening allows you to investigate and find out what is said and searched on the Internet about your brand, segment, competitor or a particular topic, in order to discover opportunities to create strategies and actions.

Competitive Analysis

We analyze the competitive environment to understand the constant changes in the market scenario and find opportunities for improvement.

Positioning Studies

(Archetypes and Semiotics)

We have the necessary tools and experience to create “Personas” for our clients. "Persona" is a character created to represent consumers based on real data, such as behavior, demographic data, purchasing power, interests, problems, and objectives, among others. Creating a "Persona" helps to plan more precise marketing and digital communication strategies, aligned with the profile, interests, and customer journey. 

Design for Social Networks

We have a team of graphic designers who do creative pieces in specific formats for social networks on image and video.

3D Packaging Design

We create the representation of a three-dimensional object or shape from scratch. The 3D design offers a more realistic idea of the object in its three dimensions: depth, width, and height.
The light, shadows, texture, and reflections of the element are also taken into account.

Web-page design

We have a team specialized in the development of web page design so that the site feels professional and reliable.

User Experience (UX)

User experience design has the function of understanding user behavior and creating a functional and rational web navigation to improve the user experience when interacting with the platform and to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Web Analytics and SEO

We have the main tools and experts so that your website has all the front and end quality standards that ensure its proper functioning. We also master the methodology used to get to the top of the Google search pages.

Design Thinking Workshops

The world is constantly changing, especially in digital, where a trending topic from hours ago can already be seen as old information. That is why it is necessary to reinvent yourself constantly. We offer the Design Thinking service, which seeks to release creativity in order to discover new alternatives and innovative processes for business. We use qualitative and quantitative methodologies to understand the needs of users or clients better, to correct or improve services and create innovative solutions.

Management of Social Networks and Crisis Prevention

We do the whole process to achieve excellence in Social Networks, such as extraction of insights, search and content creation, design, publications, community manager, improvement analysis and learning. All strategically designed for each social network. 

Criticism or controversy with the name of your company or industry can be very dangerous. With our tools and constant analysis, we will monitor everything that involves your business to predict possible crises and generate proactive and reactive action plans, if necessary.

Relationship with Influencers and Digital Opinion Leaders

Identification and evaluation of digital opinion leaders, including background checks, contact, briefing,  persuasion to build a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship for your brand and its ambassadors and analysis of results.

Social Networks and Google Ads

(Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ads)

With our advertising strategy, we are able, with the lowest investment value, to increase the number of qualified followers in all social networks, reach unique people who interact qualitatively in the publications, generation of leads and new clients.

Metrics Reports and Key Success Indicators

We generate digital information monitoring systems through tools and different platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook for Business. This monitoring allows us to determine what works, what doesn't and optimize.

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